Marketing Your Shopping Centre to Attract New Tenants and Sales

When it comes to retail shopping centre property performance, it is critical to optimise the tenancy mix and reduce the threat of vacancy. This means that you must market your shopping centre to new and potential tenants in the local area.

The landlord wants a stable cash flow and a lower vacancy profile. The marketing process for the property works well when you systemise the process of property marketing and set some performance indicators that you believe you should or can target.

Marketing to new and potential tenants can incorporate the following strategies:

  1. Selectively approach other tenants in competing properties and around the local area. Give them details of your shopping centre together with contact information should they wish to discuss leasing in the future. If you have any vacancies at the moment or coming up soon, then this information upcoming vacancy information can be provided to them by direct mail or e-mail each a few months.
  2. Keep in contact with the franchise groups and organisations that may be seeking alternative premises or premises in which they can expand the network. They will typically have a tenancy profile that suits their business needs. When contacting these groups for the first time, get a briefing on the ideal tenancy profile that they require.
  3. Within your tenancy mix you will have a number of tenants that are regarded as critical to the future of the property. These quality tenants should be encouraged to remain in occupancy by giving them the special offers of lease prior to the expiry of their existing lease documentation.
  4. If your property has anchor tenants around which the specialty tenants trade, ensure that the anchor tenants are suitably stable for the long term. Typically the lease for an anchor tenant will be for a longer lease period of 10 or 20 years. They may also have options for ongoing occupancy. Importantly all these dates must be checked and attractive so that the suitable early negotiation can occur if and when the time arises.
  5. Every retail shopping centre should encourage involvement with the local, community, charities, clubs and organisations. The mall or common area in the shopping centre can be adapted to community displays and stalls to encourage better customer visitation and sales
  6. The existing tenants within the shopping centre should be supported in their occupancy during the term of the lease. If they feel that the property is being poorly managed or neglected, it is likely that they will spread the word to the greater retail community surrounding; they are also likely to deter new tenants from occupation.

These simple facts are simple marketing ways to keep the property in line with the expectations of the tenants, customers, and landlord. A successful property will be achieved when this balance is maintained and optimised within a business plan of property performance.

Las Vegas Shopping – IXS

You can take a break from spending money at the casinos and instead find almost any kind of store to suit your budget — from bargains to high-end retail or specialty shops. The key is to know where to look.

Some of the best retailers are situated along The Strip. In addition to some extensive (and recently revamped) shopping malls, many hotels have comprehensive, and sometimes highly themed, shopping arcades. Downtown Las Vegas offers its own share of specialty shops, high-end retail, and antique stores to satisfy your shopping frenzy
The following would give you the general idea about where to go for a fun filled and quality shopping extravaganza.


Boulevard Mall

The Boulevard is the second largest mall in Las Vegas. There’s a wide variety of shops offering all sorts of items — moderately priced shoes and clothing for the entire family, books and gifts, jewelry, and also discount home furnishings. There are also more than a dozen fast-food eateries. In short, you can find just about anything you need here. The mall is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Fashion Show Las Vegas

The Fashion Show mall boasts seven anchor stores and 250 specialty stores and restaurants. Department stores include: Macy’s, Dillard’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

Galleria at Sunset

Galleria is the most aesthetically pleasing Southwestern-themed shopping center. Anchored by Dillard’s, JCPenney, Mervyn’s California, and Robinsons-May, the Galleria’s 140 emporia include branches of Gap/Gap Kids/Baby Gap, The Limited Too, Ann Taylor, bebe, Caché, Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop and more. Additionally, you’ll find electronics, eyewear, gifts, books, home furnishings, jewelry, and luggage and eateries as well.

Meadows Mall

It’s another immense mall with more than 144 shops, services, and eateries, anchored by four department stores: Macy’s, Dillard’s, Sears, and JC Penney. In addition, there are more than a dozen shoe stores, a full array of apparel for the entire family (including maternity wear), an extensive food court, and shops purveying toys, books, music, luggage, gifts, jewelry, home furnishings, accessories, and so on.


The following hotels have the most extensive arcades.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesars has an impressive arcade of shops including The Forum Shops- a multistoried affair. Store variety includes Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Armani Exchange, bebe, Gucci, Ann Taylor, Gianni Versace, Harry Winston jewelers, Brooks Brothers, Juicy Couture, Kiehl’s cosmetics, MAC, etc. The majority of the Caesars Palace shops are open Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday from 10am to midnight.

Circus Circus

There are about dozen shops offering a wide selection of gifts and sundries, logo items, toys and games, jewelry, liquor, resort apparel for the entire family, homemade fudge/candy/soft ice cream, and, clown dolls and puppets. Adjacent to the Adventuredome, there’s a shopping arcade with the usual souvenir stores and such themed as a European village.

MGM Grand

The hotel’s Star Lane Shops include more than a dozen mostly pedestrian emporia lining the corridors en route from the monorail entrance. Studio Walk is another shopping area adjacent to the main casino, featuring some upscale boutiques and several restaurants.

The Venetian

After you’ve shopped Ancient Rome at Caesars, come to The Grand Canal Shoppe, a re-created Italian village, complete with a painted, cloud-studded blue sky overhead, and a canal right down the center on which gondoliers float and sing. The Venetian’s Palazzo hotel addition, due to open in late 2007, will eventually adjoin the Shoppes at the far end of St. Mark’s Square. The shops include the usual high- and medium-end brand names: Jimmy Choo, Mikimoto, Movado, Davidoff, Kenneth Cole, Ann Taylor, Bebe, Banana Republic, and more, plus Venetian glass and paper shops.

Desert Passage at the Aladdin Resort Casino

Desert Passage is the world-class Las Vegas retail Centre designed to immerse shoppers in exotic marketplaces and restaurant complex. The mall offers more than 130 retailers.


Here it’s definitely quality over quantity with names like Armani, Prada, Chanel, Tiffany, Hermès, Fred Leighton, Gucci, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. You will also discover affordable, good-taste items in every store here, from Tiffany’s Dollar 30 silver key chains to Dollar 100 Prada business-card holders.

Paris Las Vegas at the Rue de la Paix

Enjoy a taste of Paris. It features upscale French retail shopping. Le Boulevard features a wide array of authentic French boutiques, such as Le Cave, where you can sample premier French wines and private labels; Les Enfant offers children’s toys and games; Lunettes designer eyewear; Le Paradise, fine jewelry and crystal; and La Boutique.

Wynn Las Vegas

The Esplanade is a Euro-style shopping street lined with pricey places with famous names like Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Judith Leiber, Jean Paul Gaultier, Manolo Blahnik, Oscar de la Renta, La Flirt, Chocolat (excellent pastries and gourmet chocolates), and Jo Malone.

Masquerade Village – Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

The Tuscan-themed streets at the Rio are a combination of food, entertainment, shopping and gaming tied together by the on-going carnival atmosphere. It offers everything from artwork, fresh-cut flowers, jewelry, sports memorabilia, resort wear, children’s clothing and toys, souvenirs, cosmetics and sundries.

The Tower Shops at Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower

The internationally themed (though in a high-school production kind of way) second-floor Tower Shops promenade, houses more than 40 stores. Some shops are in “Paris,” along the Rue Lafayette and Avenue de l’Opéra, while others occupy Hong Kong and New York City streetscapes.
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Anchor Safely

Many more people are turning to sailing and motor boating to get away from it all, but a crowded marina isn’t necessarily going to provide the looked for tranquillity. Marinas can be very social and fun places, with facilities for repairs, showers,shops and restaurants, but there will come a time when you want to get yourself off to a secluded bay somewhere that doesn’t have pontoons to tie up to. Which means you’re going to have to use the anchor on the boat; there’s nearly always a risk of it dragging, the boat will swing as the wind and tide, or currents, change. The depth of water may fluctuate and getting ashore means using a tender.

Planning where to anchor on the chart, or from a pilot book is the first job, then assessing the anchorage itself on arrival is important too. Motor around and assess the shelter, depths and nature of the sea bed. Understanding your equipment and how to set the anchor is very important, then what to do if the weather cuts up rough. There are other issues too from maintaining electrical power for engine starting if you’re going to be there a while, communication, getting ashore and crucially getting back. Wind generators and solar panels are always a good idea for anyone intending to anchor out for long periods and a reliable outboard motor for the tender. Large drinking water tanks are a good idea too. Then there’s always the business of getting the anchor back up, which can be simple, but isn’t always. Sometimes the anchor or the chain become fouled and bring up debris, occasionally the anchor is so trapped it won’t come up at all.

Most sailing courses teach the basics of anchoring, in other words how much scope to deploy and that’s about it, but there’s a whole lot to learn and books on the subject are few and far between.

If you plan to anchor frequently and particularly if you expect to remain at anchor for extended periods it’s a good idea to do some research and get some advanced knowledge of all the problems that can arise, not to mention how to go about doing things correctly. Getting it wrong can be costly, even dangerous and it’s nearly always embarrassing. Sadly, it’s rare these days to find a completely deserted anchorage and sometimes you can feel the eyes of other yachtsmen upon you, scrutinising your every move as you arrive and anchor.

Some Info On Nail In Anchors

Doing DIY is not as simple as buying a few nails, screws and bolts and going mad. You have to do it properly or you will just create more work for yourself. One of the tools available to you is nail in anchors. These objects are used to secure heavy household items, or shop items, to walls. They can be used on brick, hollow cement blocks and plaster.

I am told there are twenty five different types of nail in anchors available. Each one with a slightly different specialty. They all have different sizes, are made of different and type. They can be anywhere from 25 to 135 millimetres long and between 5 and 8 millimetres in diameter. They can also have either plastic or nylon sleeves.

The two most commonly used anchors are the square rim and countersink. The former is mostly used on sheet metal and other flat surfaces. The countersink anchors are used when you need the nail head to be flush with the surface you are putting it into.

The process involved in inserting this item is fairly easy. You need a drill bit of the appropriate size, a little bigger than the anchor itself, the anchor and the two surfaces you wish to join.

First you need to drill the holes. You can choose to drill a hole into only the supporting surface or into the object as well. This last option usually saves a lot of time and effort. Then you insert the nail in anchor’s sleeve. Then it is a simple matter of inserting the nail and hammering it home.

When you are choosing these useful little objects, make sure you choose the right one. Choose one which will be long enough to support the weight of the object you will be fixing to the wall. If it is too short, the weight will cause it to pull out of the wall. Be careful not to get one that is too long though. You do not want to end up drilling into the electrical wiring or plumbing of your home. You can ask for help in choosing the right length and width from the staff at your local DIY store, they should be able to help you choose the right one. You also need to know whether they will be inside the house or outside. Plastic has a tendency to become brittle and break when it is exposed to the elements for long periods of time. This means that if you intend on hanging something outside, you should opt for those with a nylon sleeve. If you are not sure which one you have got (if you are anything like me, you have a dozen of the things lying in a drawer somewhere and you have no idea what type they actually are) put the sleeve into some water, plastic will float, nylon will sink.

Nail in anchors are very useful things to have around the house as they are easy and efficient to use when hanging mirrors or nailing down skirting boards, so do yourself a favour a go out and buy a few different types to cater for most eventualities and DIY projects.