Now That’s an Anchor

The reputation is set. The uniqueness is proven. The effectiveness is unquestionable. The Digger Anchor is a real neat gadget for any boater with a boat up to 40 feet long. This anchor requires no chains. It will even hold your boat and your friends boat both in place in rough water.

Donnie Lahr, president of Digger Anchors says, “We were tired of anchors not holding just when the fish started biting, you know the nice “walleye chop” they talk about when the wind come up to break the plain of the water. There is nothing worse than having your anchor drag through your favorite spot. The Digger anchor sets right away and keeps you on target. also when pan fishing near the weed bed it is a pain to have to pull the anchor up with all the weeds wrapped around them. With our patented quick release the weeds and mud stay on the bottom where they belong, not in your boat.”

The design is creative in that the “diggers” on the anchor keep doing just that – keeping the flukes digging into the bed. The flukes do an easy “release” when you are ready to move on. Is it hard to pull anchor? Not if you follow the instructions carefully. Sure enough, just a “jerk” on the rope when pulling up anchor will drop flukes. All mud, sand and weeds will stay in the water.

A jerk on the rope vertically above the anchor releases the flukes and the whole anchor comes up with no sweat. If it is fouled on something like logs or rocks, then you have to let out enough rope to get the pull nearly horizontal – jerk the rope and the flukes straighten out and here comes the anchor. It will not release when the rope is jerked at an angle. The literature is clear, and shows good illustrations of how to do it right.

The Digger Anchor comes in three sizes and in 2001 was improved from its original design in order to provide greater digging and holding power. The advancement worked – it was truly “new and improved.”

For lakes and river use, you can get a 10 pound size for boats up to 17 feet, a 12 pounder for boats up to 20 feet; or a 15 pound anchor for boats up to 40 feet. The 15 pound anchor also works on pontoon boats up to 30 feet. Salt water models include only the 12 and 15 pound anchors and have shown 5000 hours of saltwater resistance. The fluke release system is hidden in the aluminum handle.

In 2005,the Company introduced the Digger 2, a lower cost anchor with the same holding ability, without the trip mechanism. This anchor will set on a 2-1angle requiring very little rope to get great holding power. It makes an excellent second anchor for the larger boats and has great holding for smaller boats up to 30 feet.

Once in a while a real great idea comes along. With continuing innovation and product improvement, the great idea becomes a truly neat gadget. The digger anchor is one of those. You can learn more about it at The company sells direct to retailers so shop around and find the best deal on the digger anchor that is best for you.

Shopping Centre Marketing Tips

When you manage a retail shopping centre or large retail property, you will typically be involved in the marketing of the property to the local community and customers. A successful retail property survives off the generation of sales from the retail tenancy mix.

The average shopping year allows for the seasonal changes and shopping patterns of the local community. The marketing of the property should also be similarly structured.

Here are some ideas regards the establishment and running of the shopping centre management marketing program.

  • It is wise to consider the tenancy mix of your property first and identify the expected changes in the mix over the coming year; this is a key part of the marketing campaign annual budget review. If a tenant is soon to be leaving the property, then the marketing strategy should be adjusted and not extensively promote their ongoing retail offering and presence to the shoppers. Focus your efforts on the tenants that you know are a part of the property’s future.
  • It is likely that you will have highly performing tenants within the tenancy mix. The sales and customer base from these tenants will encourage sales for the other tenants within the property, providing you can cluster and mix the tenants appropriately. This is where the tenancy mix and analysis becomes part of the marketing process. The tenancy strategy is really important here.
  • Consider the local community and the celebrations or holidays that happen throughout the year. These may be trigger points for special marketing processes within your property. Any community celebrations can be merged into the activities of your tenants and the tenancy mix.
  • If your property is located within an area impacted by tourists or travelers, then you should consider a marketing campaign and advertising material that captures their interest from the main points of thoroughfare such as main roads, buses, trains, and highways.
  • Speak to local community groups to see if they have an interest in running competitions or establishing a trading booth in your mall on weekends. You can thereby allow these community groups to market your shopping centre and their activity through their member newsletters.
  • Keep in regular contact with your anchor tenants. These tenants will be the main draw card for sales and customer visits across the property. Ensure that any lease expiry of an anchor tenant is renegotiated well in advance of any lease expiry. Understand that the anchor tenant is a right match for the customers to the property and the changes in the community.
  • In some larger retail properties, it is not unusual to have some monthly marketing contribution being made by all the tenants; this contribution is structured into the lease occupancy documents. Importantly this contribution should be controlled as part of a budgetary process and a tenants marketing committee.

A successful retail property is by its very nature of vibrant shopping experience. The marketing of the property should not simply be left to the tenants; the landlord and the property manager have to get involved. A coordinated marketing effort across the property and the tenancy mix will help boost the future of the property for both the landlord and tenants; this will help boost the cash flow for all concerned.

SEO Essentials – The Search Engine Rankings and Anchor Text Relationship

It is imperative for those engaged in online marketing to learn about the relationship of anchor text and the rise of search engine rankings. By understanding how important this relationship is, then a strategic step towards actually making a sale can happen. In this article I will show you importance of rankings and anchor texts.

If you are involved in online marketing yourself, you would surely want to grab as much attention as possible from internet users who may just be interested in what you are selling. However, in the midst of so many other websites and marketers, your presence may not be felt at all.

This is one of the major problems that you have to contend with in internet marketing. The web is actually the biggest marketplace in existence. Nevertheless, it provides the most convenient means of shopping for people.

Being present in this huge but virtual marketplace does not guarantee immediate attention from the buyers. Your website is just one of the hundreds of thousands that sell items – it may even be just one of the many that is offering the same thing.

To avoid being left out in the competition, you have to assert your presence in the web. You have to utilize measures similar to sending personnel to mall’s main entrance to provide flyers that provide people details of what you sell and where your shop is located inside.

This is basically how search engine optimization works; it makes you, your website, and your products or services almost omnipresent in the web’s millions of pages. However, for being used to the brick and mortar type of marketing, you may need the help of SEO consultants who can educate you on the method and who can guide you in your first few steps in effective internet selling.

In order to go up in the search engine rankings, you must intensify your efforts in SEO. This can be done by ensuring the production of many web contents that use common keywords that internet users often use when searching for products or solutions.

Aside from combining SEO with pay-per-click, which provides direct access to your website, the use of anchor text must also be maximized. While keywords for SEO purposes drives internet users towards your site in a less direct manner, the anchor text immediately takes them there.

However, your anchor text cannot just appear anywhere. It needs to be in relevant content, which can only be one that contains the keywords or one that has been optimized for the search engines.

Therefore, while the anchor text may serve as your front door for your website and for the higher chances of selling, you need SEO and the consequent rise in the search engines. SEO is the road that leads to the anchor text.

Earth Anchors – Things To Know Before Puchasing Earth Anchors

Anchors have traditionally been associated with the shipping industry but this has gradually changed as more industries embrace the ergonomically designed appliance in their operations. Earth anchors are now a ubiquitous feature not only in large construction projects or industries but also for home use. These are simply devices that assist project managers to hold things in the required positions and to resist any pressure by holding firmly into the soil foundation. There are many types of earth anchor designs and materials used but over the years, high-end steel anchors have always received positive reviews for various reasons.

Common Types of Earth Anchors

There are also many designs of anchors used today in different industries. One common type is penetrator anchors which resemble screws and are reusable for different projects. They are driven into the soil structure using an impact wrench or drill as situations dictate. The other type you will get in the market is the arrowhead which is also driven into the ground using a drive rod and a hammer.

This system of an arrowhead works by pulling on a cable tied on the arrowhead in the ground to secure it firmly and thus provide grip for the soil application you want to hold in position. Helix earth anchors which resemble an auger are also used in smaller projects or households and they can either be screwed into the soil or driven down using power equipments.

However, among all these safety anchors, none rivals the highly acclaimed bitewing anchor; combination of the ordinary wing anchor and a teeth structure.

More grip. Unlike the traditional smooth arrowhead anchors, the bitewing provides a firmer grip due to the teeth structure on its steel wings which dig and cut into the rock structure.

Safety. Anchoring is always an accident prone activity because a lot of pressure is involved in holding construction projects or any other items in place. When you use smooth edge arrow wings, there is a likelihood that the strain might overcome the anchor and such a situation could prove disastrous especially in large projects. The wings have a large surface area to avoid such a situation.

Durability. Most earth anchors are intended to stay for a long time below the surface and hence, the materials used should be resistant to any elements. Bitewings are made from high end steel which is weather resistant thus increasing the life of your anchoring.

Shopping for Earth Anchors

One thing to consider when buying earth anchors is the reputation of the company supplying these products and accessories. You should always buy from an established anchoring company with experience in using steel work and with a good reputation regarding its products. Moreover, compare different designs offered by the company and the soil type that each will work best in. It is also important to ask if the company can customize their products to fit any unique needs you might have. Finally, remember your working conditions will depend on these earth anchors and thus you should buy from a company that offers guarantees on its products. This is a sign of the trust the company has in their workmanship.