Sydney Shopping Secrets – Chatswood

So where is the best shopping in Sydney? That’s the question we are always asking ourselves – and at the moment, the answer has to be that one of the hottest spots is Chatswood in the northern Sydney suburbs. Just 10 kilometers north of the city, Chatswood is fast becoming that destination for all the best Australian brands and designers.

Chatswood is home to two major shopping centres – Chatswood Chase and Westfield Chatswood – both anchored by different major department stores, but with some duplication in terms of shops between the two.

Always known for being a great place for higher end brands, Chatswood Chase has recently undergone a major renovation bringing a number of new stores. Amongst those now open are Fleur Wood, Sass and Bide, Bettina Liano and Witchery. An entire new wing of the centre has opened to house these brands – along with many others and a host of great cafes to rest in between shopping.

Chatswood Chase is anchored by the David Jones department store. Amongst the centre’s other major shops are Harvey Norman (for all your electrical needs), Kmart (great for baby wear) and Coles Supermarkets. Other popular shopping draw cards include the Apple Store, Country Road, Hugo Boss and Saba.

Down the road from Chatswood Chase is Westfield Chastwood. Anchored by the Myer department store, this centre is also full of great shops including Forever New, Witchery, Glue Store and G-Star. Whilst the centre hasn’t been as recently updated like Chatswood Chase, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Between Chatswood Chase and Westfield Chatswood, the suburb of Chatswood offers a lot for all shoppers looking for Sydney’s best shopping. Shoppers that traditionally went to Bondi Junction or stayed in Sydney city are now finding that Chatswood offers a convenient, all in one shopping destination and great place to shop. With more and more brands moving to the centres, there are less and less reasons for locals to go into the city!

Getting to Chatswood is really easy. Catch any train on the North Shore Line from Sydney to Chatswood Station, which will take approximately 25 minutes. By car, drive up Pacific Highway and follow the signs when you hit the Chatswood shopping precinct – but note that parking can be difficult in the area especially in peak shopping periods.

So when you are next in shopping in Sydney, give Chatswood Chase and Westfield Chatswood a try for the best Australian designers and fashion brands.

How to Create Anchors Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques

This article will discuss how to create anchors using various techniques. An anchor is a trigger that sets off an emotional cascade in you. Anchors can create good emotions and bad emotions. The principle is one of association. If we associate a certain trigger with a certain emotion then we are almost sure to get the same response every time.

You may have heard of a very famous experiment by Ivan Pavlov on the emotional conditioning of dogs. If you have not heard of it, I would suggest that you type it into Google and read about the experiment. This experiment demonstrated that it was possible to create a predetermined emotional response with a trigger or anchor (in this case a ringing bell) provided that the subject (the dog) was pre-conditioned to that response.

The principal is the same in humans. Each and every one of us has anchors programmed in us. The problem is that most of us are not aware that these anchors exist or the effect that they have on us as individuals. Anchors can take shape in many different forms. They can be anchors based on sight, sound, touch or any other of the senses.

It would be easier to give a specific example. Let us assume that ten years ago you attended the funeral of an aunt of yours who you loved very much. During the funeral, they burnt incense as part of the ceremony. You were obviously in a state of high emotional turmoil. You breathed in the incense with its distinctive smell.

Ten years later you pass a shop on your way to work. You notice that there is something about the shop that makes you feel very low but you can’t figure out exactly what is causing you to feel that way. After all, it is a wonderful day in summer and you have your vacation to look forward to.

Without you consciously realising it, that shop is actually burning the same brand of incense that was at your aunt’s funeral. The smell that you are taking in is triggering a subconscious reaction to the emotions that you experienced at your aunt’s funeral. Even after ten years, you still experience the same emotions again. The anchor is the smell of the incense and the outcome is the low mood that you experienced as a result.

As can be seen, the anchor is at a subconscious level and the mood that your experience is a direct result of a past experience at a heightened emotional state. The event could have been a positive event such as a marriage or something similar. In this instance, the memories and emotions that are triggered would be positive ones. In any case, the principle is that there was a trigger and a change in mood was created as a result. This is how anchors are created and how they bring about real changes in human behaviour.

The good news is that anchors and emotional responses can be created at will. For example, if you are petrified of public speaking, anchoring can be used to help remove your fear. The process is simple.

Firstly, you do something that makes you feel great. Music is an excellent way to instantaneously change your mood. Listen to your favourite songs and feel your mood elevate.

Secondly, create your anchor while in the great emotional state that you are in. This could be something as simple as clenching your fist or touching yourself on your elbow.

Thirdly, repeat this process a number of times. Normally, three times a day for a period of one or two weeks is sufficient.

Lastly, trigger your anchor before you do your public speaking event (or any other issue you consider) by repeating the motion that you have associated with the elevated mood.

Essentially, you have reprogrammed yourself to feel good when your previous instincts were previously telling you to feel bad. The fundamental issue is that you need to ensure that you really do feel the elevated mood before creating your anchor. Creating your own anchors is really this simple.

Finding the Right Tenant Mix for Your Shopping Center

In shopping centre management and leasing today, it is essential that you find the right tenant mix to encourage customer sales and tenant activity.

Every tenant that you place in a property should be carefully considered for product or service offering, together with their relationship to other tenants nearby. That is where the tenancy mix process becomes really important.

So the message here is quite clear, the right tenancy mix can improve the property in a number of ways. Consider these issues:

  • Successful tenancies underpin the market rental for the property. They will also create a factor of attraction to other tenants considering occupancy.
  • A lower vacancy factor over time will improve the relationships between the tenants and the landlord. Most tenants like to be part of a successful shopping centre.
  • A tenancy mix that has been matched to the local shopper demographic can be easily marketed to the community to encourage future sales and customer visits.

So the choice of a tenant to fill a vacancy is quite important. At the beginning of every financial year, the property manager together with the landlord should make some observations about the market, and formulate some choices about tenant selection and placement for the coming 12 months. This then simplifies the tenant replacement process when it needs to occur.

These rules or guidelines can be set as part of a tenant retention plan and the tenant mix strategy. They are two separate and essential initiatives requiring consideration by the landlord. When these strategies are developed, they can be merged into the business plan for the property and therefore considered as part of the bigger leasing picture.

In establishing a tenancy mix strategy, consider the following questions and issues:

  1. Some of the tenants in the property will do little towards property profile and market rental. Over time those tenants should be replaced with better quality tenants. It is a fact that a successful shopping centre will usually feature high quality tenants and a wide variety of products.
  2. Understand the relationships that your anchor tenants have towards your specialty tenants. In an ideal world, both tenancy types should be moving towards a productive shopping centre relationship and an increase in sales. Make the connections between your anchor tenants and your specialty tenants; market the property accordingly.
  3. Remember the impact of seasonal holidays and festivities. Market your property comprehensively to the shopping seasons and festivities. It will be likely that you will need a funded marketing campaign for that; a marketing Levy can be installed and negotiated into the tenants leases as part of the leasing process.
  4. Review the surrounding properties for ideas when it comes to tenancy placement and selection. Some of those properties will have strengths and weaknesses that are of value to your leasing decisions.
  5. Undertake a marketing survey of shoppers within the property. That should occur two or three times a year so that you can understand the shifts and changes to the shopping patterns. Most shoppers today are looking for convenience, value, and comfort. It can also be said that the presentation of the shopping centre will have a lot to do with the attraction of shoppers to the property in an ongoing way. The entire retail equation needs to be well managed.
  6. Connect with the local retail franchise groups, to see if any can be encouraged to consider occupancy in your property. They will have standard terms and conditions that relate to their business model. Those terms and conditions will also have an impact on the design of the lease for occupancy.

Given all of the above factors, look at the subject property to understand exactly how people enter it and move through it. You will see areas of high traffic that will give you advantages when it comes to tenant placement and marketing. Generally the entrance ways to a property and the zones of high foot traffic will be suitable for smaller tenancies and therefore higher rentals per unit of area.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Anchor Tattoos, Nautical Star Tattoos and Swallow Tattoos

There is a ton of debate raging on the internet and in tattoo shops everywhere about the symbolism and meaning of these popular tattoos. There are tons of articles on this site explaining it and on many other sites on the internet you can find people debating and arguing about the exact symbolism behind things like the nautical star tattoo or the anchor tattoo. You see these are three of the most popular and famous of the old school tattoo designs. They are also pieces that can easily be combined to make a much larger design such as a chest tattoo that features two swallows flying between an anchor.

Well to make it really simple and so as to not mislead you there are no clear cut meanings nor symbolism for these tattoos. The problem is tattoos grow in popularity organically in multiple places at a time. The reason behind one person getting a tattoo is different then another person getting that same tattoo. The symbolism behind a certain tattoo might be agreed upon by a group of people for example sailors on the East Coast. That does not mean Sailors in England would agree. Couple that confusion fact with history and time and in the end you have multiple versions of what the tattoo might have symbolized in the past and no clear cut answer which is the right one. So stop the debate once and for all, enjoy your tattoo and feel confident that you won and it means whatever you want it to me for you.

With that said the bulk of evidence and conglomeration of facts, lies and fiction one can make out a shady idea of what the symbols probably meant back in time and are a good indicator of what they can symbolism today. That way you are not ascribing a meaning to a certain design that is way different then it was meant to be.

All three of these tattoo designs are old school tattoo designs that were worn by sailors originally. Just look at Sailor Jerry’s tattoos or a little more contemporary Ed Hardy and you will see anchors, nautical stars and swallow throughout their designs. In the past few years their has been a real rebirth and celebration of the art of tattooing and many of the designs from these greats have come back into fashion be it Ed Hardy Clothing or the website and possible movie dedicated to Sailor Jerry.

Anchor Tattoos

In the farthest back history that one can go the Anchor as a symbol was used by Christians. The Christians used the anchor as a hidden secret cross. While they were under the presecution by the Romans they lived in hiding and used the anchor to as a symbol for the cross for a signal to other Christians. The anchor much later showed up in tattoo designs worn by sailors. At that time it was a symbol for being grounded or even tied down to a significant other be it a girlfriend or a wife but in a relationship either way. This is the most common meaning of an anchor tattoo in the modern world of tattooing.

Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical stars are a symbol of the North Star. Sailors would use the North Star to find their way home and the nautical star became a popular tattoo among sailors and was worn as a good luck symbol and one that would promise a safe return home from a long voyage at sea. There is also some debate the nautical stars of certain colors would be earned for making certain voyages or sailing a certain amount of miles. For example a blue nautical star on the left forearm might symbolize someone who has sailed across the Pacific Ocean for example. The exact meanings and colors have been lost in history for the most part.

Swallow Tattoos

Swallows are small birds that have small wings and therefore typically do not fly very far away from land. For the early sailors spotting a swallow would mean a group was close to land and therefore it became a good luck symbol. Some sailors would also put swallows on their fists and it was believed to make them faster in a fight.

The exact meaning and symbolism behind these great tattoos such as the nautical star, anchor tattoo and swallow tattoo has been lost and obscured by history. It is probably accurate that the symbolism was also somewhat different between different groups of sailors. However, the fact remains that today these are very popular old school sailor tattoos that can make incredible tattoo designs. It is probably best to keep with the general meaning and symbolism behind these designs but of course it is always up to the person wearing the tattoo their interpretation of the symbol.