Selecting the Best Anchor

As your new boat projects draws closer to completion you will be starting to think about gear and equipment. It is a shame that you can’t build everything and some things you just have to buy. Equipping your new boat can be very expensive so shop around for the stuff you need. There are some things that you should not scrimp on as they are important for your safety. One of these is your boat’s anchor and so it is important that we get it right and choose the correct one to suit our boat.

You will need to use your anchor if you are going to sit and fish for a while. You may have found a perfect spot for fishing. You may be over a deep hole or reef where a lot of fish gather and always seem to be hungry and bite well. The difficult thing is to be able to mark the spot so you can find it again next weekend. Don’t be like the guy who did that by marking a big X on the side of the boat.

Make sure you use top quality nylon braided anchor line and a length of galvanized chain between the it and the line. Then choose the one that is right for your boat taking in your boats length. The Danforth anchor is a popular style and is characterized by it’s two long sharp pivoting flukes. This style is light and easy to store on your boat and will hold well in sand and mud making it ideal for small boats. To release your it just pull from a different direction. This sounds easy but how do you walk out on the water to pull from a different direction. You just have to pull on your rope till your boat glides up to it and as it glides past the direction on the anchor rope will change enabling you to easily pull it free. The Danforth anchor is one of the easiest for a quick release as it has pivoting flukes and can be pulled at a more vertical angle.

There is the Plow anchor that has a single fluke and this pivots on the end of the shank and also holds well on many bottoms. It is easy to release quickly too. There is the Bruce anchor which is used in very heavy conditions on large equipment but a reduced version is available for smaller boats. It will hold you fast and still release quite easily.

As you can see, there are options when you choose an anchor so check with the experts to make sure you have one that suits your boat perfectly. You don’t want to be anchored for the night somewhere and wake up the next morning in a different ocean or out in the middle of an ocean with no idea which way to go to get home. Get a few things right when you select your gear and you will enjoy years of happy boating.